Updated Schedule of Events

We are so excited about the Bicentennial and are constantly updating and adding to the event schedule!

Activities planned for so far for 2023 Bicentennial as of June 20,2022 (check mark shows where we already have committee volunteers working)

✓ .Tuesday –June 27,2023   Bell of the Ball Prominade and The young Queen Contest.  We only many need one or two evenings for any or all of these activities.  Queen Contest,and Belle of the Ball Dress contest, Possible Teenage “Keystone Cops”,  ~  5-10 yr old Basye Childrens Club festival (greeters), (20-70 children used as festival greeters with guardians  Also the beginning of the signing of the attendance banner, with room for 3000 signatures during all of the weeks activities, to save for the time capsule.

✓ Wednesday, -June 28, 2023   Ministerial Alliance Church Night 6 to 9 pm   Church service, (north side of the courthouse,) kids games and a baked goods competition conteston the West side of the courthouse..  All sponsored and operated by the Ministerial alliance and their member churches.

✓ Thursday- June 29, 2023 Art Show for children through professional and adults, those that attend public or private or home school in the Bowling Green School District and Alums and Adult Bowling Green current residents.  5-pm to 9 pm.  Hosted inside the courthouse.

✓ Dog Show on the courthouse Lawn to be determined location-  6 to 7:30

✓ Brothers of the Brush beard display and competition. Three classifications: Regular wearing as you are today, A New Growth (beginning March 1,2023 -actual competition) , Shaving Permit for those of us that want to show unity and wear a button     7:30 to 8: 30  pm

✓ Friday night-  June 30, 2023  North side of the courthouse – Old fashioned Ice Cream social. (activity blast from the past from the summer band program 60-70’s)   Opening with the Star Spangled banner, elementary and choir department as they have done for Cardinal baseball in St. Louis. Mass community Concert Band and Choir Concert

✓ Saturday morning through evening July 1, 2023

✓ 7:00 am fun run.   8:00 am booth set up on the square and parade line up at the high school

✓ 9:00 am opening parade

✓ 10:00 opening ceremony on the South court house lawn,  Mayor as the MC, High school band national anthem, VFW gun salute, Hamilton Family Buglers, (bugle calls and taps) County Commissioners and the DAR raise a 24 star US Flag and 3 speakers, three minutes each representing the Basye Family.  This is going to be a non-political event that celebrates the Basye family and all of us as we celebrate the Bicentennial today.

✓ 10:00 am- Horseshoe Tourney 16 teams begins- Johnson House Yard Champ Clark drive south behind the square.

✓ 10:00 am -5:00 pm  Giant Quilt Show- Hosted in the Fellowship Hall -2nd Baptist

✓ 10:00 am -5:00 pm Bounce House opens, various kids games, competitions and craft booths. Cooling center opens.

✓ 10:30- to 9:45 p.m.- Concessions and food trucks open

✓ 1:00 pm around the square and on the North or East Side Courthouse Lawn, various demonstrations, including a poultry care demonstration, possible acoustic string instrument display, black smith demonstrations and all morning an FFA small farm animal petting zoo.  

✓ 3:00-4:00 pm Demonstration from the Howard Street Dance Studio

✓ 4:00-5:00 pm  Black powder demonstration celebrating the types of firearms that John Basye and the citizens would have used back then.

✓ 10-4:00 pm an antique car show display from the square going west on Church street, sponsored by Boland Chevrolet,( 1973 sesquicentennial year vehicles and older vehicles,) an antique tractor and equipment display, Community State Bank Parking Lot and misc. other displays around the square.

✓ 1-4:00 our three historic sites with a courtesy people mover will be operating, for the Genealogy display at the old Jail, The restored Basye cabin of the Arnold s, and Honey shuck open house   People movers will be moving people continually throughout the period from the square to the historic sites.

✓ 5-9 pm a country band,  folk groups and karaoke.

✓ 9 pm closing ceremony and lowering of our 24 star US flag and closing Taps.

✓ Followed by a 1000 sparkler children’s sparkler show assisted by their parents and high school organization student volunteers. South side of the courthouse  

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