Last Minute Needs for the Bicentennial- Its almost here!

  1. We need 10 to 12 more 5-11 year old Basye Kid Greeters. We will have them ride in the Parade, on a float together, then in a group of 4-6 kids, with a couple of parents, have them in a Noon shift, or a 1:00 pm shift and or a 2:00 pm shift, to  greet the crowds around the square.  We will provide them a souvenir Basye Kid Button with a ribbon.  Their outfit can be: Girls a long lite weight skirt, blouse, pig tales, or ribbons, in the hair or a bonnet.  Boys, solid pants, shirt, wear a straw hat or a news boy hat or no hat at all. They are all, invited to carry a sign saying: welcome, glad to see you, etc.   You can choose to be in groups with your friends.  For those young girls that will be dancing at 3:00 pm.  Call 573-324-3000 to register.  Howard Street Dancers group, will put in an early shift.
  2. If you are an antique gun or black powder gun buff, and you haven’t been asked to participate in the closing, please contact us.  We want this to be memorable rolling thunder closing to our festival.
  3. If you have a beard or facial hair of any type, please come Thursday evening early and buy a Brothers of the Brush pin and participate in the competition.  3 competitions with first through third place ribbons.  Neatest beard, scroungiest, and longest.  Come and have fun as we remember the competition for the 1973 Sesquicentennial. 
  4. Call us if you want to participate in a 7:00 am Saturday fun run from the square, a couple of loops through the park and back to the square.  Time is getting away from us, so we need people to step forward if you have interests and help us out with this event.
  5. Remember if you are an adult and interested in participating in the Thursday night 2 or 3 dimensional art or photography show, you need to contact us as this is a jury selected competition.  Enter by June 20.  Send us a photo of your object so we can get you into the show.    Entry pictures go to:
  6. Bicentennial Coins, and pictures of John W. Basye are available now for purchase as well as during the festival…Call 573-324-3000 to get them now.  Our other Bicentennial souvenirs will be available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights as well as all day and evening Saturday.  Available at the Festival Booth in front of the former Schroeder Bld. b
  7. Check out 200 Years of Bowling Green, MO Facebook page if you want to see the Bicentennial quilt, buy chances on the quilt, where to buy them or to enter a quilt in the contest.  The Quilt for our festival is beautiful.  Join us and get involved.
  8. Entries for the parade:  Contact us at 573-324-3000 to get entered.  We insist that you contact us so that we know you are coming, so we can be organized.  No candy is to be thrown from a float or moving vehicle.  If you want to give out candy have a walker on each side of your float or vehicle and hand it out.  We want this to be a safe parade and the route to be clean when it is all over.  Please no individual promotional political floats, no cards or business literature handed out on the parade route.  Hand outs and cards, and literature, should be handed out only at your registered festival booth.  If you need a booth call and see if we have any areas still available.  Booths call 573-324-3733.  Political party’s desiring floats, may have one as long as they don’t promote any one candidate or idea and they are strictly congratulating Bowling Greens on its birthday from your party group.   This is a non-political festival day, of fellowship and fun and a day off from debate of any issues.  Lets just be glad to have a day of fun. 
  9. Any last minute questions should be called into us at 573-324-3000 or leave a message.  We will get back to you.  We look forward to everyone’s participation and lets have fun.

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