How will YOU be seen during the big Bicentennial Celebration?! You can find all the details regarding your advertising choices here!

Festival Banner
This banner will have our $1,000 event sponsors color logo on display on the big Saturday event at the festival’s main booth.

Festival Program Booklet
We will be distributing 5,000 of these festival booklets free of charge to the community before, during and after the big event. All sponsors will get their space in here with many advertising options to choose from.

Festival Pocket Program
5,000 of these pocket programs will be distributed during the Saturday event and advertisements will be in black and white. These will be simple programs for our attendees to carry around with them during the event to keep up on all the action.

Commemorative DVD
This DVD will include all of our bicentennial sponsors. It will have the 1923, 1973 and the 2023 souvenir booklets preserved digitally. These DVD’s will be on sale during the event and after for pre-Christmas 2023 delivery.

LevelAd Size & Color/B&WBannerBookletPocket ProgramDVD
$1,000Full Page ColorYesYesYesYes
$500Full Page B&WNoYesYesYes
$3001/2 Page B&WNoYesNoYes
$1501/4 Page B&WNoYesNoYes
$801/8 Page B&WNoYesNoYes
$60Business Card B&WNoYesNoYes
$202 Lines of TextNoYesNoYes

Download the form at the bottom of this page, print and mail OR do it online and submit payment right here through our online shop!